Fire and Light, a retrospective show by Romanian-American artist Viorica Colpacci

March 6-24, 2015

This retrospective show surveys the full career of the artist, displaying the most significant series in a chronological narrative, ranging from decorative ceramic and glass works from the early period, spent in Romania (1972-1977, when she activated as a ceramist and designer, member of the Romanian Artists’ Association) to sculptures and monumental installations of welded steel from the American period, especially from the latest years, when she gives an important role to light. Incorporated to works, the light (electric light, led, fluorescent light or ambient light) gains spiritual and religious significance, such as in "Cosmogony", "Pantokrator" or "Crucifixion".

The show will also include a selection of icons on glass, executed by a group of children from the studio of religious iconography, coordinated by Viorica Colpacci at St. Pantelimon Church - The Fire Tower, in Bucharest. The artist will talk about the special technique of painting on glass within an interactive workshop.

Born in Romania, where she studied monumental art at the Fine Arts Institute "Nicolae Grigorescu" in Bucharest, Viorica Colpacci left Romania and moved to the US in 1977. She continued her studies, receiving a Master's degree from the New York University (she has also taken art classes at Brooklyn College and Pratt Institute in New York and started a doctoral program). Viorica Colpacci is a multifaceted artist, expressing herself through multiple mediums and techniques: as a sculptor, ceramist, designer, but also as an art teacher, curator, essayist, director and founder of "SPIRITUS" gallery, which functions under the aegis of the Romanian Institute of Orthodox Theology and Spirituality in New York.


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"Fire and Light", Expoziția artistei Viorica Colpacci